Pregnancy StagesPregnancy can be a wonderful boon for parents who are looking forward to add to their family and become one whole unit. There can be nothing more wonderful than a child of your own and seeing them grows into adults.
Pregnancy can be a life changing experience for any woman and will certainly be a time that they look forward to. How do you find out about your pregnancy and that you are going to become a mother. Well, you do have certain signs and symptoms that will help you to do so.
There are certain definite tell tale signs that your body goes on to give you besides the missed period to let you know of the pregnancy. The first thing is the gaining of weight which could be as much as a pound or two over this one month.
Another sign that certainly heralds a pregnancy is the nausea and morning sickness that comes along with it. You will not be able to hold down anything early in the morning. Also, there are woman who will notice spotting in the early months of pregnancy. There is nothing really to get really concerned about but it is always recommended that you go ahead and ask your doctor about it.
The increased levels of a different kind of hormones in your body will make your breasts seem far heavier, sore and swollen. Also, in the first months of pregnancy it is absolutely normal for you to be tired all the time and feel absolutely exhausted even by the smallest of efforts. Also, the skin around the breasts gets darker than normal.
The sure shot way of you being sure that you are pregnant or not is to get yourself a pregnancy test done. This will certainly tell you for sure whether you are pregnant or not along with the other changes in your body.
The changes that are caused in your body are due to the hormonal changes that go on in the body readying it for you to get ready for childbirth. These symptoms and their intensity will differ from woman to woman and might be gone in the first trimester or will persist throughout the pregnancy. You can talk to your doctor if you find the symptoms hampering everyday life and they will be able to suggest remedies.