Water Birth

Water birth is being considered by many pregnant women around the globe as well as in the UK for the tremendous amounts of benefits that it offers them and their new born baby. This has become a popular trend and more and more women are making an informed decision and opting for a water birth.

At first when you hear about water birth, it might sound a wee bit strange and bizarre. After all since times immemorial women have given birth lying down in bed. But that is not necessarily the right way as has been discovered since then you are working against the force of gravity and nature. That is why one has been able to get the chance of being able to give birth in water and many celebrities have tried it and vouch for its efficacy. You will love the way there are reports time and again about how very impactful and successful the outcome is for both mother and child when women give birth in water.
Water Birth
The one factor that draws women to the water and giving birth in it is the diminished amounts of pain. The most painful part of labor is the pain that is linked with having a baby. But, during a water birth, a woman is seated in a tub filled with warm water and the soothing ripples around her, so the pain is certainly less. The water massages her muscles and helps her forget of the pressure on her back and stomach. Also, this is the most natural of postures to be able to give birth in and it is as though nature ordained it for you.

When you look at it from the perspective of the baby a waterbirth is highly beneficial to it as well. You will notice that the baby is used to water in the motherĀ“s womb and therefore coming out into the world with water surrounding it is not such a frightening and traumatic experience for it. Also, the water all around ensures that the mother and baby are both relaxed and serene and able to bond together well enough immediately after birth. There are plenty of water birth videos out there to help you get an idea of the options

There are specialized birthing pools that have been created or else you can give birth right at home in your own bathtub supervised by a trained nurse or mid-wife. One thing to keep in mind is to talk to your doctor before you opt for a water birth as it is not always suited for complicated pregnancies and whatever type of birth you opt for make sure you consider your needs following the birth of your baby. Simple things like choosing the right nappies, cots, prams and making sure you get fit before and after your pregnancy can make all the difference.